Helena Aguilar Mayans

I am a fine art/experimental photographer from Catalonia. I grew up in Olot, in the Garrotxa Natural Park, surrounded by nature I have always been fascinated by the magic of this area. I mostly work with analog and I do the art direction for most of my photo shoots.

My work constantly sinks on the relationship between nature/ruins and humankind. I feel photography as something magical, alchemical, ... I love to get lost into the woods and sneak into abandoned places, my photographies are a gate to outer realities. I am deeply interested on ancient traditions and nature. Time, the feminine, loss, decadence, past eras and magic are other current themes in my work. Some of my sources of inspiration are the Brontë sisters, the Romantics, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Aesthetes, the Symbolists and the Decadents. My work has been exhibited and published in various national and international media.

Les fotografies d’Helena Aguilar Mayans, inspirades en l’estètica del segle XIX, atrapen la nostra ànima. Les protagonistes, heroïnes de la modernitat, es voltegen de papallones, símbols de Psique, de l’oníric i l’inconscient. Éssers solitaris, abstrets o malenconiosos encarnen tot allò que és ideal i abstracte, com el somieig. Però tanmateix aquestes dones representen l’apoderament dels personatges femenins de les novel·les de les germanes Brönte, Jane Austen o George Eliot, en la seva rebel·lió contra la tirania victoriana, des de la passió i la lluita pels drets individuals; són personatges i a la vegada autores de la seva pròpia història.

Text in catalan, by Pere Parramon and Laura Cornejo.

For more information regarding my work, or just to say hello, feel free to send a message.

For Fine Art/collector prints and other inquiries you can send a message to: h.aguilar.mayans@gmail.com or use the contact form.


"Dreamers of Decadence" Visual Korner, Barcelona (2018)

"Dreamers of Decadence" esglèsia vella  de Castefollit de la Roca, during Olot Fotografia (2018)

"Let me grab your soul away" solo exhibition curated by Laura Cornejo and Pere Parramon, Les Bernardes, Salt (2017)

"Remembrança" solo exhibition, Casa de Cultura de Sant Cugat del Vallés, Sant Cugat (Barcelona). (2017) 

"On Wuthering Heights" solo exhibition during BFOTO Festival, Librería Ibor, Barbastro (Spain). (2017)

"Remembrança" solo exhibition, Can Trincheria, Olot. (2016) 

“Evasionistes d'Avui” collective exhibition curated by Ilaria Termolino, La Contra, Barcelona. (2016)

“Evasionistesd'Avui” collective exhibition curated by Ilaria Termolino, La Puntual, Mercantic de Sant Cugat del Vallès. (2015)

“Evasionistesd'Avui” collective exhibition curated by Ilaria Termolino, espai de lliure creació Carme Malaret, Sant Just Desvern (2015) 

"SEITIES STUDIO: Exhibition at BRAVA BISTRO", Brava Bistro, Calgary (2014)

"SEITIES THEME ICON Publication Launch + Exhibition", Shelf life books, Calgary (2014)

“Heptagone” collective exhibition, La Maison du Canal, Paris (2014)

"Ennéagone" collective exhibition during les Rencontres Photographiques du 10ème, La Maison du Canal, Paris (2013)

“Estudio 120m” collective exhibition, Würth museum, la Rioja (2013)

"Sortilèges" solo exhbition, Estada Juvinyà, Sant Joan les Fonts (2013)

Biennal d'Art jove, collective exhibition, Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell fundació privada, Sabadell (2013)

"Patrim 12" collective exhibition, Espai Volart, Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona (2013)

"Mysterious Visions: Dreams, Fantasies and Mirages", collective exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont (2013)

"Paramnèsia" solo exhibition, Claustres del Carme, Olot, during "Olot Fotografia" (2012)

"S/T'12" collective exhibition, University of Barcelona, Barcelona (2012)

"Foto/Grafia/Lith", collective exhibition, University of Barcelona, Barcelona (2010)

Published/online features/interviews

" El Fuego" second issue (2017), PRINT

"FAERIE MAGAZINE" issue #40, (2017), PRINT

" El Fuego" first issue (2016), PRINT



“SHOTS Magazine” Summer Issue, no. 124 (2014) PRINT

“IMAGINED REALITIES catalogue” (2014), PRINT

“ND Gallery” (2014)

“Bleaq.” (2013) interview

"Photo VOGUE Italia" (2013 - currently)

"photographyblogger.net" (2013)

“Mysterious Visions: Dreams, Fantasies and Mirages catalogue” (2013), PRINT

"Sciences Occultes" #1 The fall issue (2012), PRINT

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